Lab Alumni

See where our recent lab alumni are now:


Former Students

Samuel Wu
2021-2022: High school student, AAN Neuroscience Research Prize
Currently: High school senior

Aidan Du
2021-2021: High school student
Currently: Sophomore at UC Davis

James Woo
2021-2021: Undergraduate researcher
Currently: Junior at Pomona (Physics)

Andrew McKinney, PhD
2016-2021: PhD student
Currently: Scientist, BridgeBio

Kiet-Thien Nguyen
2016-2019: PhD student
Currently:Associate Attorney at Orrick, Herrington, and Sutcliffe LLP

Ana Xavier-Magalhães, PhD
2015-2019: PhD student, University of Minho, Portugal
Currently: Genentech

Heejae Choi
2015-2015: High school student
Currently: UC Berkeley student

Cate Ryan
2015-2015: High school student intern

Andrew Mancini, PhD
2015-2018: PhD student
Currently: Postdoctoral fellow,Genentech (Fred de Sauvage), NIH F99/K00 awardee;

Lindsey Jones, PhD
2014-2018: PhD student
Currently: Product Manager, Myriad Genomics

Aleksandr Pankov, PhD
2014-2017: PhD student
Currently: Senior Computational Scientist, ORIC Pharmaceuticals

Ariana Moghbel
2014-2014: High school student
Currently: UC Berkeley (Presidential scholarship); UC Davis MD/PhD program

Heejun Choi
2014-2014: High school student
Currently: Yale University School of Nursing

Robin Kang
2012: CIRM scholar
Currently: Medical student

Tali Mazor, PhD
2011-2017: PhD student and postdoc
Currently: DFCI Scientist in the Knowledge Systems Group, Harvard

Ashley Graham
2011-2012: CIRM scholar intern
Currently: Senior Research Associate, Olema Oncology

Robert Bell, PhD
2010-2015: PhD student
Co-Founder and CEO, Telo Therapeutics

Sara Downey Mills
2009-2010: CIRM scholar intern
Currently: Principal Consultant, Cell & Gene Therapy

Brett Johnson, PhD
2009-2014: PhD student
Currently: Faculty and Scientific Program Manager, Oregon Health Sciences University

Bruno Costa, PhD
2006-2008: PhD student, Minho University, Portugal
Currently: Faculty, Braga, Portugal

Nima Soltenzad, MD
2005-2005: Cornell undergraduate
Currently: Internal Medicine, CSA and Kaiser, California

Danielle Dahle, MD
2004-2004: MIT undergraduate
Currently: Assistant Professor, Dean's Office, UCSF

Alika Maunakea, PhD
2003-2008: BMS graduate student
Associate Professor, University of Hawaii

Peter Jun, MD
2003-2004: Stanford medical student (HHMI student fellowship)
Currently: Attending physician, Department of Radiology, Kaiser

Kimiko Thornton
2002-2002: EP High School Internship Program

Former Postdoctoral Fellows

Michael Zhang, MD, PhD (2019-2021)
Radiation Oncologist
Sutter Solano Cancer Center

Yvonne Kim, PhD (2018-2021)
Computational Scientist
Guardant Health

Carter Barger, PhD (2018-2020)
Senior Scientist

Alexandra Amen, PhD (2018-2020)
5AM Ventures, San Francisco

Stephen Magill, MD, PhD (2016-2018)
Assistant Professor
Northwestern University

Giselle Y. López, MD, PhD (2017-2018)
Assistant Professor
The Preston Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center
Duke University

Stephanie Hilz, PhD (2016-2020)
Associate Scientist, Oncology Biomarker Development

Josie L. Hayes PhD (2016-2018)
Associate Director, Developmental Diagnostics
Revolution Medicine

Yao Yu, MD (2016-2018)
Assistant Professor
Radiation Oncology
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Cory Y. McLean (2011-2012)
Genomics team in Google Brain, CAM lead

Michael Barnes, MD (2010-2011)
Clinical Platform Strategy Leader - Digital Pathology

Jeffrey Cheng, MD, PhD (2009-2015)
Associate Professor, Dermatology

Serah Choi, MD, PhD (2015-2017)
Assistant Professor
Case Western Reserve

Matthew Grimmer, PhD (2015-2019)
Senior Computational Scientist

Shaun Fouse, PhD (2009-2014)
Senior Scientist
FibroGen, Inc.

Ravi Nagarajan, PhD
University of California, Davis

K. Scott Moorefield, PhD (2005-2008)
Director, Global Business Development, Roche
Senior Manager, Tarceva Strategy and Key Customers, Genentech

Justin Smith, MD, PhD (2005-2006)
Harrison Distinguished Professor of Neurosurgery
University of Virginia

Benoit Cadieux, PhD (2004-2006)
Director - Medical Affairs
Raptor Pharmaceutical

Ying Chen, PhD (2004-2006)
Clinical Pharmacology/Oncology

Jean Ching, PhD (2002-2005)
Faculty University in Tapei, Taiwan

Maarit Tiirikainen, PhD (2002-2004)
Associate Professor
University of Hawaii

Giuseppe Zardo, PhD (2001-2002)
Adjunct Professor of Clinical Chemistry
University of Rome